Emballage plastique

Plastic has become a common material and mostly used in any area of ​​everyday life. Plastic packaging is a consequence. Plastic packaging is used to package all kinds of products ranging from food products to cleaning products, automotive parts or even office supplies, plastic packaging is today essential in packaging. Swiss Pac manufactures different types of plastic packaging for different containers. With its experience Swiss Pac has raw materials controlled by the FDA (food drug administration) and ensures superior quality in the plastic packaging of your product: certification of our products for food contact. Our latest generation production equipment for printing and assembly guarantees the resistance of your plastic packaging. are used to make such a difference in the packaging industry. After long years of experience, we have developed our plastic packaging line to provide more durable and attractive plastic bags for your customers.

Choose us for several reasons:
  • Competitive price
  • Maximum protection thanks to high quality materials
  • Wide range of plastic packaging directly available in stock
  • Possibility to personalize your plastic packaging
  • Free design of your design
  • Environmentally
friendly – Free samples possible anywhere in the world

Our range of plastic bags in stock are ready to ship same or next business day and will be delivered to your door within 7 business days by UPS, FedEx, DHL or other specialist carrier upon your request. In case of orders for printed plastic packaging, your order will be ready within 15 working days. However, in an emergency we can speed up the process.

Please find below our range of plastic packaging directly available in stock. We have several colors, sizes, materials and accessories to best satisfy your desires.


Or mat

Argent Brillant


Vert / Vert

Rouge / Rouge

Blue / blue

Brilliant Gold

Argent Mat

Brillant Blanc

Papier Kraft


Argent Brillant/ Transparent

Noir / Transparent

Or mat / Transparent

Silver / Matte Transparent

Or Brillant / Transparent

Vert / Transparent

Bleu / Bleu

Bleu / Transparent

Sac avec fenetre ovale

Sacs en Papier Kraft

Sac en papier avec fenêtre transparente

oxo biodégradables Sacs

Un côté claires / un côté sacs en papier brun avec fermeture éclair

les sachets à l’aspect de jute de haute barrière avec fermeture zip et doublés avec un film

bags with a high barrier jute appearance

sacs ultra clair